Adidas Padel

Racket Collection
Full year 2024
Sport Performance


Metalbone: Ale Galán
Cross It: Martita Ortega
Adipower: Alex Ruiz
Discovery: RX, Match and Drive

As Head of Design at Adidas Padel, this was the first project I worked on. The goal was to design a full year collection shaping it for a sport that is keeps growing and evolving. Padel is being played more and more, its expansion knows no limits. It enhances performance and connects people.. It is the fastest growing sport in the last decades.

Here is the Creative Direction, Franchise vision and Full Racket collection
State of the Sport
Mission. Built for Sport, worn for Sport
Vision. Cultivate and support the communities around us
Values. Improve people’s lives through sport

Metalbone Padel Racket mold
Asia Factory Trip
Production molds


We seek the extraordinary
Greatness knows no end
Where others see the imposible

Disruptive. Innovative. Rebel
Ale Galán
Pol Hernández
Lorena Rufo

Cross It

Poise. Precision. Prestige.
New silhouette
No boundaries

Performance driven. Excellence. Sleek. Flow

Martita Ortega
David Gala


Sharpen your game
Consistency is key
Own the game

Reliable. Consistent. Versatile
Alex Ruiz
Seba Nerone


Engage with the community
Unleash your potential
Passion for the game

RX. Match. Drive