Adidas Padel PRO-EDT 2024

Cross It
Adipower CTRL MTW


Ale Galán
Martita Ortega
Alex Ruiz

This project, its a small capsule collection made for Premier Padel P1 tournaments. Commonly known as Major, our 3 top players, Ale Galán, Martita Ortega and Alex Ruiz will be using their special edition.
Each one of them comes with a different packaging created in detail to elevate the experience and diffferentiate them from the rest of the collection.

Here is the Creative Direction, Franchise vision and Full Racket collection
State of the Sport
Mission. Built for Sport, worn for Sport
Vision. Cultivate and support the communities around us
Values. Improve people’s lives through sport

Cross it. Martita Ortega
Adipower CTRL MTW. Alex Ruiz
Metalbone. Ale Galn